Impairments in old age: Supported by functional furniture


It's not just very old people who are struggling with physical impairments. According to a 2017 study by the German Federal Statistical Office, around one third (33.7 percent) of persons with impairments or disabilities are between 65 and 79 years old. In persons over the age of 80, half are affected. This study shows that the risk of disability increases enormously with age. Thus, in the European Union, about half (48.5%) of people with a disability are over 65 years old, while only 17.9% of people with an impairment are between 16 and 65 years old.
In view of these demographics, it is very important that we meet the needs of older people with disabilities. The aim is to break down barriers and encourage the inclusion of disabled people of all ages. This includes creating barrier-free spaces and services and coming up with supportive solutions.


Tino Leipholz

Assistive technologies for people with disabilities

Mastering everyday life in a self-determined manner despite physical limitations: the drives and system solutions from DewertOkin make this possible. In everyday life, wheelchair users must be able to adapt their wheelchairs to different situations. Electric wheelchairs that are configured with reliable technology allow not only the movement of the leg and back sections – they also feature height adjustment. All this helps users to live their everyday lives independently.

For the sick and others in need of care, comfort in bed is particularly important. They often spend more time in bed, whether at home or in a care facility. Our low-noise drives for nursing beds, such as the MEGAMAT20, enable you to make smooth adjustments to the head section, foot section and bed height. This helps ensure a comfortable ergonomic environment. Intuitive control keypads make nursing beds easier to handle. They enable the nursing staff to improve the safety and efficiency of their daily care.

For nursing and care workers, it is a major challenge to work in an ergonomic healthy manner. Patient lifters are a good way to move people that have mobility impairments. The DewertOkin drive technology inside the patient lifter enables the patient's position to be changed comfortably (e.g. from a nursing bed to a wheelchair). The lifter's intuitive operations and innovative technology not only protect the health of the caregiver, they also ensure gentle and natural movements for the patient.