The hospital of the future: BEWATEC supplies the digital infrastructure


Digitalization has now arrived in many German hospitals. The Corona pandemic has significantly accelerated digital progress: Tools such as video consultations, online appointments and online sick leave notifications are nowadays accepted happily by patients and hospital staff. Furthermore, the German Federal Government will provide 3 billion euros in 2021 as part of their Hospital Futures Act. This will enable hospitals to invest in modern emergency capacity, digitalization and IT security. The German states should be providing further investment funds of 1.3 billion euros.

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Tino Leipholz

The first steps towards digitalization have been taken, but German hospitals are still a long way from reaching their goals. Studies by Cherwell and Deloitte conclude that organizational barriers result in poor rates of adoption for digital technologies within the institutions. Sixty one percent of employees in German hospitals perceive bureaucracy in the health care system as the main problem. More than half of the surveyed staff view the cost of technologies as a challenge. Forty-two percent think it is difficult to identify the best technology.

There are great expectations concerning the benefits of digitalization for improving care processes and care quality. According to the studies, most employees (67 percent) hope for a simpler and more efficient handling of bureaucratic tasks. Almost half of the respondents would like to see improved services for patients. Forty-four percent hope for a less complicated completion of medical tasks thanks to digital technologies.

BEWATEC, a member of the DewertOkin Technology Group, demonstrates how digital solutions can make work processes easier using its platform and the ConnectedCare app. Here is how it works: BEWATEC.ConnectedCare is a patient-centric platform that serves as the core infrastructure for connecting patients, providers, as well as existing and planned systems. The app enables clinics to have a digital relationship with their patients throughout the treatment process. BEWATEC can thus offer patients a comprehensive digital journey across all device worlds – before, during and after their hospital stay. This can cover the management of appointments, the arrangement of hospital stays, as well as the transmission of referral documents, medication plans and other treatment documents. The result is improved information exchange, less strain on the clinic staff and more efficient processes in everyday work.  

Together with DewertOkin, the BEWATEC Group is the centre of expertise for the medical technology segment of the DewertOkin Technology Group. DewertOkin is an innovative company that is continually developing leading-edge systems for the hospital and care sectors. This is an ideal addition to the BEWATEC portfolio because digitalization includes not only workflows, but also medical applications such as intensive care beds, treatment tables and supply units. Under the Dewert brand, DewertOkin offers high quality, intelligent drive and system technology, modern control keypads, and a comprehensive range of accessories for the smart bed.