Living in old age: functional armchair as a helper


The global number of people aged 65 and older is expected to more than double by 2050. This is according to the UN report "World Population Ageing 2020 Highlights". As people age, they are increasingly affected by physical disabilities that make everyday life in their living environment more difficult.

For example, conventional armchairs can become a problem for seniors. In terms of function and ergonomics, they usually lack equipment for the special needs of the older generation or those in need of care. Age-appropriate furniture, on the other hand, have very helpful details.

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Jörg Lehnen 

Furniture manufacturers undergoing a demographic change

Adjustable armchairs with motorised back and foot sections are a comfortable and senior-friendly option. For example, they meet high standards of comfort as television and relax chairs. But they can do even more: Special stand-up chairs also have a motorized stand-up assistance feature and thus promote the mobility of older people or those in need of care.

A 2021 study confirms that these functions are becoming increasingly important in age-appropriate armchairs. Furniture manufacturers worldwide were surveyed on this topic. An adjustable back section is considered very important by more than 45 percent of the companies surveyed, and relatively important by more than 20 percent. The stand-up assistance feature is considered very important by 40 percent of them, and relatively important by more than 20 percent. The adjustable head section achieved similar results.

More quality of life and comfort

However, these armchairs can only be adjusted with a powerful drive and a high-quality mechanism. At DewertOkin, furniture manufacturers receive everything from a single source: Drive, mechanism, control unit, handset, operating element and accessories. For example, the Relax mechanism 3031D provides a particularly high level of comfort and smooth adjustment. The product has a long leg rest and the additional back, arm and footrest functions provide extra relaxation while sitting. The convenience of the 9718DX mechanism is also impressive. It is also very robust and powerful despite its low weight. Furniture manufacturers benefit from its ergonomic design, which can be easily integrated into various armchair applications.