Elderly care recipients and potential cases of carers in Europe


Demographic change and the ageing population are also increasing the number of people who are dependent on help and care in their old age. Thus, the elderly care sector is growing steadily and comprehensively expanding. Additional trained nursing staff is needed, new senior citizen centres are being built, and mobile nursing care for the elderly in the home care sector is booming. Nevertheless, the share of informal care provided by family members is still very high; it accounts for well over half of all care cases in many European countries. In Southern Europe in particular, this form of care within the family is still widespread in 2020: in Spain, around two million people will be cared for at home, in France around 2.7 million and in Italy, family members will look after almost 3.2 million people.

Sales representative

Tino Leipholz

Only in Switzerland is the majority of persons requiring nursing care located in elderly nursing homes and, above all, in home care. The care provided by family accounts for the largest share in all other European countries. While institutional care in such facilities, just like professional home care, is carried out with the help of state-of-the-art technology and trained staff, there are deficits in the equipment supplied for family care. In such cases, home care by trained specialists or a move to a well-equipped nursing home often provides relief for both the family and the persons concerned. Another option is to provide family carers with the much-needed equipment (such as care beds) at low cost, so that they can better carry out their everyday tasks in the best interests of the person being cared for.

The equipment and aids being used, whether in a care facility for the elderly or at home, must meet the highest safety standards and be easy to operate. The price-performance ratio and durability of technical equipment must be certain, so that comprehensive and reliable care is ensured. Dewert offers exactly the right products and application systems that are needed in the care sector. Our reliable drive technology equips care beds, patient lifts, wheelchairs and entry aids for vehicles with powerful and intelligent components. The Megamat20 enables applications to be moved smoothly with a pressing force of up to 6,000 N. With an optionally external or internal power supply and an additional rechargeable battery, a continual supply of power is ensured in the event of a power failure. Our tested compact control units, such as the MC20, can be integrated into applications where space is critical. They also enable complex motion profiles to be implemented. Our intuitive, single-fault-proof control units, such as the IPROXX20, can be used to adjust applications intuitively. They provide outstanding comfort to caregivers, nursing staff and patients.

We are constantly developing our technology in order to optimize care around the world. The smarter this technology and equipment becomes, the more the quality of life for patients, caregivers and families improves.