Stay healthy and active in home office – thanks to height-adjustable desks


The Corona pandemic has triggered a home office boom, which is also being politically encouraged: German employers must now offer a work at home option whenever possible. This provision is outlined in the Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, which came into force on 27 January 2021. According to a Bitkom survey of more than 1,500 employees, around 35 percent of companies currently offer work from home, while 27 percent allow it partially. Yet do employees actually take advantage of this offer? The survey shows that almost half of respondents work from home completely or partially. Extrapolated to the total population, this means that around 10.5 million German employees use the home office permanently, and a further 8.3 million use it partially.

Sales representative

Thorsten Holtmeier

Companies are planning to increase their reliance on working from home, not only during but also after the Corona pandemic. A survey by the AOK shows that 20 percent of employers who have increased home office now would like to continue this strategy in the future. Even though the acceptance of home office has increased significantly on both the employee and employer side, hardly any employees are supported in finding the proper equipment for their home office. Employees should ideally be equipped with their own mouse, keyboard and monitor. There is also still room for improvement when it comes to the proper office furniture, because very few employees receive an ergonomic office chair and desk.

Height-adjustable desks in particular have become more popular in recent years. They relieve the back and neck, promote blood circulation and also increase employee productivity – providing an optimal foundation for the home office.

As the specialist for drives and system technology, DewertOkin understands exactly what an ergonomic modern height-adjustable desk should look like. This manufacturer's wide product range includes reliable and robust lifting columns. The DD and ID series excel with their outstanding stability, a modern slim design and maintenance-free 24 volt motors. They ensure height adjustments that are both smooth and quiet. OKIN also offers intelligent control units for each drive and user-friendly control keypads with various functions that ensure outstanding convenience. Thus, customers receive the complete all-round package for setting up ergonomic, electrically height-adjustable desk systems; this is the foundation for promoting healthy work in the home office.