Sleeping healthier: Germans like to use sleep apps


Almost one third of all Germans suffer from sleeping difficulties. Poor sleep has a negative effect on mental and physical health and performance, which then affects professional and social life. 

Sales representative

Patrick Winkler

Thanks to sleep-tracking apps and other technical aids, it is now possible to record your own sleep rhythms. According to a survey, Germany has one of the highest percentage of digital sleep tracker users in the world. Even 42 percent of German non-users would consider using an E-health app. More than a third would also be willing to invest money to improve their own sleep quality.

Our products are compatible with possible innovative sleep apps to optimize the sleeping comfort for our customers. The powerful double drive also ensures improved comfort in bed OKIMAT 4 IPS; it can be quickly and smoothly controlled with the RF Topline wireless hand-held transmitter. This makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning and start the day.