Sleep better: Improve your nightly sleep with intelligent technology


Good sleep is important for health and well-being. However, you only appreciate this when you're missing sleep. Whether it's young parents or successful businessmen and women: the duration and quality of a night's sleep often leave much to be desired. A study by the Techniker Krankenkasse shows that stress levels are continuously rising. In 2021, 26 percent of respondents reported that they were often stressed out professionally or privately. In 2013, this figure was only at 20 percent.

Not only is insufficient sleep a problem, also frequently interrupted rest periods are an issue. A study by the mattress manufacturer ColourSleep shows how widespread this problem is. About two thirds (68 percent) of respondents in this representative survey said they wake up at least once a night. And 37 percent had their sleep disturbed two to three times per night.


Patrick Winkler

More comfort: improved rest with the proper components and accessories

OKIN's OBM100 contributes to restful sleep. The complete system, including the hardware mechanisms and drive technology, fits with all common box spring and continental beds. The position of the bed's head and foot sections can be electrically adjusted by the user to fit their needs. An external switched-mode power supply minimizes the electromagnetic field. It also ensures that a convenient emergency lowering can be carried out by remote control in the event of a power failure.

The MM.01.01 massage motor provides much-needed relaxation after a long day. It improves comfort and relieves tension in your neck and back. Users can choose between three massage intensity levels and four modes. An OKIN remove control is used for simple operations.

An optional LED light strip is more than just nice to look at: it also significantly increases the safety of night-time trips to the bathroom or kitchen. This lighting is conveniently controlled using OKIN RF handsets or (if Bluetooth® connectivity is available) a smartphone, so that it can gently and reliably illuminate a darkened room. Once installed in the bedroom, the extra features of massage motor and LED light strip improve user comfort and help to minimize interruptions to a night's sleep.